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Playing Deuces Wild Video Poker for Comps, Profit and Fun

Deuces Wild is my favorite video poker game - it should be yours too, especially if you play in Las Vegas! Complimentary (FREE) hotel rooms, meals, gifts and invitations to parties and tournaments are easier to come by than you might think!  Learn how you can exploit the casino slot club system. Your future gambling holidays can be virtually FREE!

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designed exclusively for slot machine and video poker players. 

It covers loose slots, good video poker machines, free online slot and video poker games, progressive slots, big slot jackpots, and everything else to do with casino slots and video poker. 

Equally important, you will discover new and exciting playing methods that reveal how to beat any type of slot or video poker game.



What is video poker?

Many people think that video poker - it is a regular slot machine. Externally, it is certainly so. The same body, the same rotating drums. But if you look, it's a cross between the well-known card game and one-armed bandits. From the first combination of cards taken, from second - automation of the process of the game. As with any phenomenon in life, video poker, as most of casino games, has its pros and cons. Plus - is a low entry threshold. Do not study the Talmud by type of poker, no need to spend hours practicing in front of a mirror trying to make famous "pokerface", and last but not list you do not need to look for partners. You saw machine - sit down and play, or also many online casinos can offer different types of video poker, so you can play without leaving your home or workplace. Now about the minus of the game - full independence of the results from own knowledge and experience. In addition, the success of the World Series of Poker proves that in this game skill listed above luck.

Now, my friend, my answer is a look at the issue. Which came first: the one-armed bandit or video poker?

The invention of video poker

It all started in 1891, in Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of New York City. Two enterprising citizen Sittman and Pitt invented infernal machine. It was a metal box with five reels, which were glued to the card. The drums are driven via a lever.

The rebirth of video poker

In 1967, the American company took out Dale Electronics closet dusty drawings of the first car, and using the power of his technical genius revived the idea of ​​video poker.

The first video poker machine became renewed "Poker-Matic". The machine has one line and the first game is not impressed American gamers. But, gradually, the audience all started strongly feel the breath of the electronic age.

The game with more than a century of history has not lost on the road to success and each year grows stronger!

The software program no Video Poker Player should be without:
Bob Dancer presents WinPoker

You’re playing jacks-or-better and the machine deals you: JH QH 4S 5S 6S. How would you play this hand?

Keeping the three spades could result in a straight flush, a flush, a straight, three-of-a-kind, two pair or a high pair. Or go for the royal flush by holding the suited J Q? I tested this hand on BDP WinPoker software. Turns out holding the three sequential low cards is marginally better, but it wouldn’t be a serious mistake if you kept J Q.

This was fun, let’s do another hand, this time we’re dealt: 9C 10C JC QC KC. Do you keep the straight flush or discard the 9 and go for the royal? Tough decision. WinPoker says stick with the straight flush if you’re on a jacks-or better machine, but go for the royal if you’re playing deuces wild. The reason? Jacks or better pays 250 coins for a straight flush whereas deuces wild pays only 45 coins.

If you’d like to get  WinPoker, here’s the information: Written for Windows by the world’s foremost expert on video poker strategy, Bob Dancer, this new software beats all others for speed, quality of graphics, pre-loaded games, accuracy, and ease of use.

Want to switch from 10/7 double bonus to jokers wild? One click of the mouse and you’re there. Want to analyze the difference between 9/6 and 8/5 jacks or better? No problem. Another click of the mouse and you can alter the pay tables to reflect any game you find in the casino.

WinPoker comes pre-loaded with 25 of the most popular video poker games in the casino, including 10/7 double bonus, joker wild, deuces wild and others. Even triple-play, five-times play and ten-ten play. It’s like having practically any video poker machine right in your home. You can modify the pay table to replicate any game you find in your favorite casino.

Easy installation, on-screen help and technical support ensure you’ll have a great time with this program.

Here’s how you can us WinPoker most effectively: Modify the paytable so it matches the one in the casino where you play. Set the tutor button to "warn", the program will tell you when you’ve made a mistake. You can then let it show you the proper play, or you can figure it out for yourself. There is no easier or more enjoyable way to learn how to make the correct hold/draw decision for every hand.

WinPoker requires Windows NT, 95 or 98 (not available for Windows 3.1 or for Macintosh).Comes on 3.5" disk. The price of $34.95 includes first-class postage and handling, no additional charges. To order WinPoker click here. Thank you.

With WinPoker you can try out the strategies and systems I write about in my video poker books. Have a look at "Risk Less, Play Smarter" and "Playing Deuces Wild for Comps, Profit and Fun". A click here and look for more about "Risk Less, Play Smarter" on the catalog page. Test my methods before you risk real money in the casino.

                                                                                                                                                   Playing Deuces Wild For Comps, Profit and Fun

Since video poker is your game . . . ya gotta read PLAYING DEUCES WILD FOR COMPS, PROFIT and FUN. It’s the true story of how my wife and I have enjoyed 17 fully comped four-day visits at one of the Las Vegas strip hotels over a two-year period. Playing 25 and $1 video poker not only earned us 17 free mini-holidays, I made a $2,000 cash profit on top of it!

I’m not a video poker "professional", my expertise doesn’t go beyond basic strategy. My method is to "play for playing money" until I find a machine that’s in a paying cycle. Once I sat down at a machine with one roll of quarters, four hours later I took a total of 1,800 quarters to the change booth!

Playing Deuces Wild for Comps, Profit and Fun contains the whole exciting story. Every word is true. You’ll learn how to play the game and how to get on the "comp gravy train". Getting free rooms, free meals, free tournament play, free gifts and cash-back doesn’t require a large bankroll. I’ll show you how my wife and I did it, We started out limiting our gambling money to $100 each, per day. 

Playing Deuces Wild for Comps, Profit and Fun is $155.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you.